Fight for Life

  • Thanks for the Chariots

    Thanks for the Chariots

    Wonderful volunteers, great board of directors, supporters like you, support from churches and businesses, opportunities to share the Gospel with every client., opportunities to share God’s word with our Bible Study classes, getting to see the hand of God at work in the lives of the volunteers and clients, all the names written on our "Wall of Life", all the …Read More »
  • Can You See It?

    Can You See It?

    Hope you are like me, enjoying the little briskness in the air today. The little change in the weather is nice, but what is nicest is knowing our Lord is coming soon and we are constantly on the look out for Him. We are also constantly trying to find new ways to share His wonder free gift of eternal life. …Read More »
  • Answers


    Many have been praying for more clients to come to PRC. By the grace of God we have been blessed this past week with a total of nine appointments kept and four no shows. Some of the no-shows have rescheduled. . Praise God for the two precious women who wrote their name on our Wall of Life after praying to …Read More »
  • Sanctity of Life

    Sanctity of Life

    Wow as I type the date above, I realize this is the end of October.  Only two months left in this year.  That means January is only two months away.  January the month for our Sanctity of Human Life observance, … Read MoreRead More »
  • The Greatest News

    The Greatest News

    Wall of Life The greatest news ever is when a new child of God is added to the Kingdom. This past week two ladies prayed to receive Christ at the Center. We have two new names written on the “Wall … Read MoreRead More »