The Greatest News

The Greatest News

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Wall of Life

The greatest news ever is when a new child of God is added to the Kingdom. This past week two ladies prayed to receive Christ at the Center. We have two new names written on the “Wall of Life”. My pastor used to say when someone would say “amen” while he was preaching it was like saying “sick’em to a dog.” Well this is what seeing two women accepts Christ does to all of us who work in this ministry. It gives us energy, determination and power to keep on keeping on for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the pro-life movement.

Last week Jan Wright visited us from Mission Preborn to do an evaluation on our center before recommending us for a grant to go toward a new ultrasound machine. On Tuesday she spent time with the volunteers going over some things we can do better or differently. She shared with us another very effective way to share Christ with our clients, and a way to talk to abortion minded callers that may be more effective at getting them to come into the center. She stated that we have some very good volunteers and she really was impressed with our board of directors. Well I guess I will have to disagree with her there, because I think we have the best volunteers and best board in the whole world.

She recommended we increase our testing hours. So in addition to our Monday, Tuesday and Thursday testing hours, we will be offering testing on Wednesday mornings. When we can begin offering testing during these hours will depend on having volunteers to staff the Center during this time. So if you are interested in helping on Wednesday morning with receptionist work, or counseling, please let us know. We will get you scheduled and begin extending our hours asap.

One of the new procedures we have just started is giving each client a little Bible Study to take home and then return to us for a second visit. It is very difficult sometimes to really get to know a client in the time she has for her first visit. We want to begin encouraging her to return for a follow-up visit and bring back the little Bible Study for a small gift. These small gifts will be inexpensive items put in a little gift bag. They may be purchased at the Dollar Tree or other places. Items like candles, dish towels, lotion, journals, note pads, etc. If you or your group would like to help with some of these items it would be great. Just bring them to the Center. We will get them bagged and ready for the clients.


Don’t miss the Run Baby Run sponsored by Living Word Fellowship Church. It will be at Sharon Sheffield
park in Lynn Haven. Registration begins at 7:45 and the run/walk will begin at 9AM. The PRC will have a table set up and ready to answer questions. So come hang out, come run or walk and enjoy the great fall weather.

At 5PM the PRC will host a table at the Gulf Beach Baptist Church Fall Festival. They are located on Hutchison Blvd, across from Applebees. We will have a guessing jar and lots of M&Ms to give out. This is a great way to increase awareness and invite support and volunteers to this ministry. If you would like to help man our table, just come to the Festival and find our table.

Banquet Planning

The first 2016 Banquet Planning Committee meeting is set for next Friday at 8:30AM. Please come help us plan the event. We have several positions available, like decorations, prayer, telephoning, table hosting etc.

Saturday Training

A Saturday training is scheduled for Oct. 31 at 8:30. This has been set aside to focus on our Student

Outreach ministry. This past week we received the news that we will no longer be granted access to the High School lunch rooms to hand out information. We need some really good input and ideas as to how we can reach our youth with the message about abstinence. If you are interested in brainstorming and getting involved in this ministry, please call and let us know if you will be at the meeting.


  • Baby Wipes are always needed, this past week we were completely out, then thanks to a sweet board member who brought a big box on Wednesday we had enough for this week.
  • Small personal items for our gift bags to returning clients.
  • Volunteers – receptionists, counselors, clerical, computer work, financial entries etc.


In the Fall of 2011 I worked with Florida State in their Reading Assessment program. We went to area elementary schools and tested first, second, and third graders on their reading skills. During this time I met some very nice women, because each time we went out it was with a different person. On one of these occasions I began talking with my associate about my love for the Pregnancy Center ministry. As we talked, she shared with me that she too had worked at a Pregnancy Center and soon I could see her love for Jesus Christ and for the pro-life ministry. We even discussed visiting churches to find ways we could fight for life in this area.

Then when the possibility of my position as Director here at PRC came she prayed with me for four months about it. I think when I became Director of PRC she was as happy or more so than me. After several months, she came to volunteer. She is one of my dearest friends and I love her dearly.

Annette Hennge is not shy at contacting people in our community for help with this ministry. She has visited churches and given them information about us. She has called businesses for contributions to our Festival of Life and Banquet items. She has just recently procured help with our Board lunches from Po-Folks restaurant and pizzas for the FCA meetings. She is faithful every Wednesday to work on data entry and is eager to help whenever called upon.

Tomorrow evening she will be helping man our table at the Gulf Beach Festival and she has helped man a table at many other events. She has enlisted her husband to help with events, and just recently her son to help with our thank you notes. When I think of Annette, I think of a shining gem that shines brightly in this place.

You know we could not continue this fight without people like Annette. Counselors, receptionists, and nurses meet the clients and are invaluable, but the behind the lines people like Annette are needed to keep the wheels of this war wagon rolling.

“Surely you need guidance to wage war, and victory is won through many advisers.”

Proverbs 24:6