Sanctity of Life

Sanctity of Life

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Wow as I type the date above, I realize this is the end of October.  Only two months left in this year.  That means January is only two months away.  January the month for our Sanctity of Human Life observance, where we go into our local churches and share what God is doing in the pro-life arena and specifically at the PRC to stop abortion and share the Good news of Jesus with others.

In the coming weeks the churches in our area will be contacted about this special time of year and asked if they would like a speaker from the Center to come and share with their congregations.  So if interested in helping with this project, please call the office.

This has been a very interesting week at PRC.  On Monday evening  we had two appointments, but neither of them showed.  On Tuesday our day looked packed full with 8 appointments, but none of them showed.  It was even quiet with no phones ringing.  We began to wonder if they even worked.  Must have been the rain.  Then praise God, on Thursday our appointments showed and it was back to normal.

Run Baby Run was a fun time to enjoy the warm fall weather at Sharron Sheffield Park.  Thank you goes out to Living Word Fellowship for this day.  Seven of us from PRC participated and two came to help man the table.

Saturday evening Annette and I manned a table at the Gulf Beach Baptist Church harvest festival.  Many came by our table and received information about the Center.

Toys are beginning to come into the Center for our need at Christmas.  Over the next few weeks our EWYL students will be listing their children’s ages and gender and we will begin to sort the items that come in for their needs.  Clients who attend our classes regularly will get a shopping spree, which includes filling their shopping bag to the brim and then choosing one large item or toy.  This year we are hoping to have enough toys for each child on the list they provide.

Today was our first Banquet planning meeting.  There were five of us ladies in attendance, but what we mostly talked about was men.  Oh that’s the way women do sometimes you know.  Oh well, I’ll have to admit this time it was mostly because this year’s banquet will be focused on the men.  We are striving to appeal to the men in our area by having a more masculine banquet and stressing the importance of everyone’s part in this ministry.  The following are some of areas of need for help in this year’s banquet preparation.

  • Prayer Coordinator
  • Telephone Callers
  • Food Servers
  • Table Hosts
  • Banquet Coordinator

Everyday  PRC Needs

  • Wipes
  • Newborn diapers
  • New or gently used toys
  • Volunteers for Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings.


Much prayer for our upcoming Sanctity of Human Life in January and for the Banquet in March.

As we begin planning for this year’s banquet I was reminded of what a valuable part our youth play at our banquet.  They show up early, get their instructions and are available to be a server.  How encouraging it is to see  youth of our area who are willing to sacrifice their time and energies toward such a cause as this.

With so many youth going astray in today’s world, it is nice to know there are those who love Jesus and want to serve him.  Everyone here at PRC does not have to look hard to find such youth.

In the past teens have helped us out in many ways.  Sometimes it is a youth group from out of town who wants to serve the Center with cleaning and sprucing up.  It may be a group of young women come to work in our Baby Boutique work room folding baby clothes, or assembling gift bags.  But today I want to tell you about a two of the special young women who have volunteered here at the Center.

Deborah Stormer is now attending Pensacola Christian University studying to become a nurse.  When she first came as volunteer she was only 15.  She quickly became one of the best receptionists we have ever had.  She was present at every training session.   Every Tuesday and Thursday as soon as she arrived, after we had our time of prayer she proceeded to prepare for the day by putting together intake packets, checking the appointments for call reminders, entering the information into our database program or filing.  She was always able to stay busy, and accepted every project with grace, even if it was something new to her, all the while endearing herself to everyone around her. Everytime Deborah is in town on break she comes and fills in as Receptionist and now a Client Assistant.  We miss her being here every week, but we know she has a beautiful life ahead as she works to serve her Lord.

Claire Zechman also began volunteering here a little over one year ago at age 15.  She is a very busy  high school student who gives every Tuesday evening to help with the clerical work for our Earn While You Learn classes.  She counts out the baby bucks, checks homework, and enters the clients information about classes in our record book. She too is eager to learn new things around the Center and is more than willing to take on a new project even when it is bigger than the time she has for the evening.  She also helps in the store when the clients are shopping.  Last year she wrote an assignment in school about abortion, so impressed we decided to publish it in our newsletter.  She is a special young woman who wants to serve God and I am so blessed to know her.

Please pray with me for these two precious young women who make us once again optimistic about the future of our youth, and live out I Tim. 4:12

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.”

And please do not forget about the Go Fund Me account to raise funds for our new ultrasound.  More news about that next week.  Check out our facebook page too for more news and information.