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Praise God

Many have been praying for more clients to come to PRC.  By the grace of God we have been blessed this past week with a total of nine appointments kept and four no shows.  Some of the no-shows have rescheduled.  . Praise God for the two precious women who wrote their name on our Wall of Life after praying to make Jesus Lord of their life.

Anyone who ever has a doubt that this is God’s work should come sit and read the Client Comments from our Evaluation Forms.  I promise you will be blessed.  The following are from the evaluation forms of two of our clients this past week:

Question:  How do you feel about your total experience at the Center?
Answer:  “I’m delighted to say everyone had an ear for listening and positive feedback.  I’ve been greatly depressed this year and it felt good to have a woman to express myself to.

Question:  What did you find most helpful at the Center?
Answer:  “That I could learn and earn.  It shows new parents responsibility and rewards them for wanting to be a magnificent parent.

Question:  What improvements can we make at the Center?
Answer:  “None that I know of.  Continue to uplift women spiritually, maybe have counseling sessions once a week.”

Question:  What did you like best or least about the services you received?
Answer:  “How comfortable the staff made me feel.”

Question:  Did the ultrasound influence your decision regarding your pregnancy?
Answer:  Yes, Makes me think more about having the baby.”

Attention all Volunteers

Please check out our video list and check off when you viewed the video.  Some of our videos are required for our volunteers to watch and some are optional.  A list will be available in the office for all volunteers to check off when they watch the video.  We have recently added a couple and it is good to keep up to date on all the evangelistic and pro-life information we have available to us.

On Tuesday, November 10, and Thursday November 12, you are invited to join us at 12 Noon for a time of in-house training called a Learning Lunch.  This week we will be going over some procedures that sometimes get skipped in our intake and counseling process.  If you are not a Tuesday or Thursday volunteer, you are still invited. Bring your lunch and we will eat while we learn.  Our next Saturday training day will be in January.  We will not be having one in December.


Please do not forget to speak with your pastor or church representative about having a speaker come to your church in January. Churches are currently being contacted  about Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.  The official Sanctity of Human Life Sunday in January 17th, but we will gladly come any other Sunday.  As soon as you get a commitment, please call the office so we can get your church on our schedule.

Shhhhh  It’s a  Secret

Only to those who are not involved in the Banquet Planning.  Our banquet for 2016 is shaping up to be the most interesting and different banquet we have ever had, and even that I have ever known.  So if you want to know the secret and be a part of this special time of planning, be sure to mark your calendar for December 18, 8:30AM and attend our next Banquet Planning here at the Center.

At the end of every month we begin compiling our stats for the month.  We run reports from our computer data base to gather information for grant applications, yearend taxes, and affiliate membership information, etc.  Keeping our computer database up to date is important to the operations of the Center.  One of the volunteers who diligently works to keep our information updated is who I want to tell you about today.

Teresa Byrnes has a heart to serve God and was a volunteer at the PRC before I came.  She enjoyed entering information into the computers, but did not feel led to do counseling.  Then circumstances led her to try other volunteer opportunities in our area, but none of them gave her the satisfaction she had found at the Pregnancy Resource Center.  After I came on as director, she  heard we were in need of volunteers,  so she came back to the PRC.  And boy are we glad she did.

Teresa is our go to person for all things statistically or data base related.  She knows how to enter the client information and then generate the exact reports needed, and she is also a great receptionist.  Her expertise in these areas has helped many new data entry clerks and receptionists understand the workings of the front office.  Ever since she came back to us, we have not been backed up with client files waiting to be entered.

Teresa is always ready to tackle any new project and knows the ever complicated copy machine like the back of her hand.  When she arrives to her post she quickly goes to check what needs to be done to get ready to welcome our clients of that day.  Last year she dedicated many hours in helping with the banquet.  Logging in every guest, keeping track of table hosts and juggling tables and guests to fit.
This was a pretty big job.  But she did it with smiles and a joy that can only come from God.

This past Summer Teresa offered her home for a tea to show our appreciation to our volunteers.  This too was a lot of work, but she did it with grace and hospitality that proved her loyalty and love for this ministry.  Oh yea, she is a pretty fast walker too.  She and her husband John came and walked the Run Baby Run and came in with very fast times.  I tried real hard to catch her, but could not.

Words cannot express how we value Teresa around here, but here are a few:  Loyalty, faithfulness, kindness, availability and on and on I could go.  We are so fortunate to have this sweet volunteer at PRC.  Isn’t it amazing how God knows how to send the right people to fill the right spots in His ministry?

Prayer Requests and Praises

Please be praying for a client who accepted Christ and is earnestly trying to turn her life around.  When she became pregnant she was living a life of drugs, alcohol and partying.  She thought an abortion was the best thing since there may be something wrong with her baby.  But she just couldn’t do it.  Then she came to see us.  She accepted Christ and requested a church contact her about attending.  She is hungry for God and the Bible Studies we gave her along with our Bible Study classes and Earn While You Learn will help, but she also needs a family that will give her support and love during this time.  Praise God for all the wonderful volunteers here at PRC.

Extended  testing and new client hours.

We want to extend our testing and new client hours to include Wednesday mornings from 10-12.  We can only do this after God send us three more wonderful ladies to be Receptionist, Counselor and Nurse.  Please pray about this.


Wipes , Newborn diapers , Toys for Christmas (We have a list of our clients children available in the office)

“I want to motivate men to involvement, not awareness….Awareness without action creates apathy.  I desire men to finish this book awakened with passion over the atrocity of abortion and the knowledge of how to personally save at least one life a year.”  From the Book “Awaken the Mighty Men” by Mike Williams

“Thou shalt not kill.”  Exodus 20:13