Thanks for the Chariots

Thanks for the Chariots

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Thank You

Thanking God for all his many blessings could take quite a bit of time and space, but just wanted to share a few of the ones concerning this ministry:

Wonderful volunteers, great board of directors, supporters like you,  support from churches and businesses, opportunities to share the Gospel with every client., opportunities to share God’s word with our Bible Study classes, getting to see the hand of God at work in the lives of the volunteers and clients, all the names written on our “Wall of Life”, all the babies whom God brings into this world, and looking to the future and knowing He is in control.

Then there are the times we can hardly find a thank you when a girl or woman leaves our offices determined to follow through with an abortion.  Or the callers who hang up when they realize we are faith based and do not offer or refer for abortion, or the client who continues to live an ungodly life and returns over and over for our services.

Yes these may sound like things we do not want to be thankful for, but let me share with you something from  the book “The Christian’s Secret to a Happy Life” by Hannah Whitehall Smith

“Take each thing that is wrong in your lives as God’s chariot for you.  No matter who the builder of the wrong may be, whether men or devils, by the time it reaches your side it is God’s chariot for you, and is meant to carry you to a heavenly place of triumph.  Shut out all the second causes, and find the Lord in it.  Say “Lord open my eyes that I may see, not the visible enemy, but the unseen chariots of deliverance.”

So we learn to be thankful for even the bad things, for they are chariots that bring us closer to our Heavenly Father.

  • Please pray with us about the callers looking for abortion, that they will come to us first.
  • Please pray for wisdom and knowledge in all areas of this ministry.
  • Please pray for the upcoming events at PRC that each will glorify and magnify our Savior.

Volunteer Needs:Tuesday AM – Receptionist and Client Assistant

Wednesday AM – EWYL class Bible Study teacher
Wednesday and Thursday AM – Receptionist and Client Assistant

Baby Boutique Needs

As we prepare for the Christmas festivities, we would like to share God’s love through gifts to our clients and their children.  Each client will be given a time of shopping in our Baby Boutique for their babies and children.  We are still needing some very good toys to share with them.  The mothers will be given a time of free shopping for the Christmas items.  We will also be giving our clients gifts like lotion, candles, journals, devotionals etc.  Donations of these items are welcome.

Here is a list of our clients’ children:
Girls:  newborn (1), 3 months (2), 10 month (1), 3 year (5), 4 year (2), 5 year (1), 8 year (1), 9 year (1), 11 year (1), 2 year (1)
Boys:  newborn (1), 5 months (2) 1 year (1), 18 month (1), 2 year (2), 3 year (2), 5 year (1) 8 year (12), 9 year (1), 11 year (1),

We already have many toys donated, but we can use many more.  Our baby boutique ladies will be back the week after next, and we will get a list of what we are still in need of.  So will be getting that out that week.


Holiday Hours

Monday, Tuesday of next week will be regular hours for accepting new clients but we will not be having EWYL classes on Tuesday Evening or Wednesday morning.  The week of Christmas we will be open for new clients and EWYL as usual on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  However the week before New Years, we will not be accepting new clients nor will we have Earn While You Learn classes.

This will most likely be the last email before returning after Thanksgiving.