Praises, and More Praises!

Praises, and More Praises!

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God is So Good to Us

When we are heavy hearted about an abortion minded woman who does not change her mind, He turns around and brings us one who does change her mind as a result of the the ultrasound ministry. Two women chose to explore adoption this week and one chose eternal life, by praying the sinner’s prayer and accepting Jesus into her heart. Praises, and more praises.

Monday Annette and I visited the office of Congresswoman Gwenn Graham and spoke to her aid. Annette and I both felt it was a very successful meeting. We were able to share what the Center is doing to stop abortion and urged the aid to speak to the

Congresswoman about defunding Planned Parenthood. We will be inviting her to our banquet in the spring. We will be visiting other government officials in the near future. Thanks to Annette who will working to set these appointments.

Sometimes we get a little concerned about our clients who come to class week after week, but their lifestyles do not seem to change. But this week Teri shared that she was greatly encouraged by what one of our clients wrote on her homework. It was clear indication that the Bible Studies are making a difference in her life. Maybe we cannot reach all of our clients to the point of change, but we know our Holy Father can reach them. Even if we do not see evidence of change, we are trusting in His Word to cut like a sword through all the craziness of this world.

Most of you know I had a little scare on Tuesday evening. Chest pains caused me to seek medical attention. I spent the night at Bay Medical where I was treated with respect and gentleness. Test results all came back negative and the chest pains are attributed to high blood pressure. I will just keep a closer watch on it. A great big thank you goes out to everyone who prayed for me. All is well.

Next Saturday, August 22 is the date we have set aside to do Counselor Training. This will be the first in monthly training sessions that will target specific areas of our ministry. Please, if you ever wished you could be the one who witnessed a woman change her mind about abortion, or prayed to receive Christ or just thought you had something to offer a woman in crisis, would you consider coming to this training. Even if you decide not to volunteer, you will find so much valuable information in the session. And who knows, you may even make a new friend or two.

Ultrasound Update

Did you know we are starting on a journey to purchase a new ultrasound machine? Our current ultrasound machine is old and rapidly becoming outdated. Sometimes Becky can hardly tell the difference between a grain on the screen from a tiny heartbeat. We are looking to some local agencies who have offered to help with this. However, the entire amount needed for a machine that displays the best pictures is pretty expensive. So we are starting a campaign to raise these funds. We have set up a Go Fund Me page for anyone who wishes to help. You can access it at: .

Something else new, is a blog I began to share with anyone who wishes to know, the goin ons (southern for what’s happening) here at the Center. Each weeks emails will be on the blog and you can make comments, add photos, links, etc. This will also be a place where you can get the latest news on the Pro-life movement and all the info on the current Planned Parenthood debauchery. The blog is located at It is a work in progress, so any help will be welcomed. Be watching for our website to change soon also.

Coming Up

Counselor Training, August 22, 8:30-12N here at the Center.
Run Baby Run by October 24, More to come on this
Banquet Planning committee meeting, To be announced
Printed Newsletter – To be dedicated to our donors. If you would like to share the reasons you support this ministry, please email me at,, or Amanda at

Opportunities for YOU!

  • Ask your pastor if a speaker can come from PRC to explain about the Planned Parenthood videos and share what we do to fight abortion.
  • Attend the Counselor Training on Sat. Aug 22
  • Share your story of what the PRC means to you, or why you support us.
  • Pick up Baby Bottles and: Ask your small group or Sunday School class to fill them for the Center. Take them to the businesses you visit and leave them for their customers to drop their coins in.

Those of us who are believers, know that God’s will is better than our own, but sometimes it is hard to say “Thy will be done.” Ever wonder why this is?. Well I believe it is because we are so often ruled by our emotions, not by our will. When, by an act of our will we are able to surrender our will to that of the Father, then our emotions will have to follow. Just a thought……

“And be not conformed to this world; but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” Romans 12:2