Client Assistant

The person who confers with the nurse about the client and really gets to know the client’s physical, material, and spiritual needs. The person who gets to ask the question “Do you know for sure you will be with God in heaven.” The person who follows up on her client to see if she has begun EWYL classes or if she is attending a local church, or discipleship classes. The person who listens and gives of herself to each client. This person gets to put her initials under the name of the client who signs the “Wall of Life.”

Student Outreach Coordinator

The person who has a passion for the youth of our community and wants to see them receive information on abstinence and sexual purity. This person will be responsible to contact the schools and set dates for our lunch room visits. This person can also help us partner with the Health Department, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and other organizations in reaching our youth.


The person who gets to ask the client when the first day of her last period was, and to determine how far along she is. The person who asks if she has had an abortion, and really gets to know about the client’s medical history. The person who shares with the Client Assistant about the needs and concerns of the client. The person who sometimes performs the ultrasound that reveals the life that makes a client choose life for her unborn.


The first person who meets the client, or talks on the phone with her. The opportunity to convince her to come to the Center before going to an abortion clinic. A smiling face that shows the love of Jesus Christ to those who come in the door. A chance to pray over the daily appointments, name by name and ask God’s blessings and power to save. Preparing the intake packets that will be used during the client’s visit, then filing and organizing so our offices are maintained in a professional manner.


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