Table Host Duties

Table Hosts persons who agree to invite enough of their friends or associates to fill a table at the banquet. They are responsible for both inviting them, and then confirming their attendance at the dinner. The goal is not to necessarily fill the table, but – to fill the table with people who they believe will become donors to the ministry. Specifically and prayerfully, they want to invite people who:

  • They think will have an interest in the ministry
  • Have the ability to make repeated financial gifts to the ministry
  • Have never been to a dinner, or given in the past.

Remember, the idea is to recruit new potential donors to the ministry – not to fill up a table with family members.
Please do not interpret this as an elitist group (although you want a select group), but the idea is to draw in new donors each year to build your budget, -- not to provide a free meal with a guest speaker so they can be encouraged and excited about the ministry. If you don’t recruit new donors you will end up draining the ministry rather than building it.

Usually starting 13 weeks before your banquet, the Director, Banquet Coordinator, and the person who regularly keeps the donation records should meet to prepare a list of potential table hosts.  It is important to note that the selection of table hosts is very important. In an effort to expose new people to the ministry each year, host selection should be based on financial involvement in the ministry and community influence. Therefore, consideration of their financial giving to the center during the past couple of years should be the greatest factor.

Prayer Breakfast

A Prayer Breakfast is scheduled for 6 weeks prior to the banquet. This will be the banquet’s official kick-off. Banquet committee members, table hosts, table host captains, board members and staff will all meet to pray and hear brief reports on the banquet plans. The primary purpose of the Prayer Breakfast is to envision and inspire all participants to do their part and to pray for the success of the banquet.  At the Prayer Breakfast table hosts will be given a packet of information that will inform them of what is expected of them.

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